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They Got It Right…Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Neighboring homes that work well togather.

Neighboring homes that work well together.

I was drawn to these homes because they look attractive sitting next to each other.

Neighboring homes that work well togather.

In chatting with the owner of this home, he mentioned that when he purchased the home it was in need of some repair and he had to compete against a number of other buyers.  The owner had already restored a 1918 bungalow so he knew some of the challenges;  however,  part of his motivation was that the other buyers were builders who might not do as sensitive a restoration.  How fortuitous for the home and the neighborhood that he prevailed! Green Lake, Seattle, WA, USA

Thinking About…Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures

How do you place garden sculptures?

I know this may not look like your backyard (or mine) but as I was looking at it, I was reminded of the importance of placing sculptures in a garden.  That David is not something you would want to rearrange like the furniture in your living room.  What’s the smart thing to do? Make a cardboard cutout the size and shape of any sculpture you are thinking of installing in your garden. Move the cutout around until you are happy with the location. Sarasota, FL, USA