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Snohomish Arbor with Glass Flourish

They Got it Right…Snohomish, WA

Well integrated design, materials and craftsmanship make this remodel and addition to a 1910 home outstanding. In chatting with the owner he said that the home had been a rental when they purchased it three years ago and at that time it showed a  bit of deferred maintenance. He related that his wife would design any projects and he would make them happen. The results show that they make a powerful  team. Click on the thumbnail  photos for the full view. Snohomish, WA, USA

Design Details…Pilaster


Pilasters: Do they still mean anything?

First off, what is a “pilaster”? A pilaster is a flat rectangular column attached to the face of a building, usually at the corners. These are particularly fetching examples. Note the ionic capitols (see the scrolls at the top of the column) There is also a very inventive detail just above the capitols where the brackets turn into triglyphs complete with guttae.

If you block the pilasters with your fingers you will see that the facade is actually much less attractive. So…yes, pilasters are still a space and cost effective way to enliven a building, something contemporary designers may want to revisit. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA USA