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On The Street…Green Lake, Seattle, WA

Victorian in Green Lake

Victorian in Green Lake

This home sits majestically up off the street. It is adorned with a wealth of Victorian details. Note the Eastlake style carving on the window pediments and the spindle fretwork on the porch. A particular favorite detail of mine is the multi colored glass in the main floor bay windows. Green Lake, Seattle, WA USA

On The Street…Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA

Attractive arbor

An attractive garden

I like this garden, the arbor is well sited and ¬†strikes an effective balance between rustic and sophisticated. The owner reported that it was custom sized to fit that location. The seed heads and “brown bits” are left over the winter for good bird forage. The crocus sound a delightful note of optimism for the coming spring. Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA USA

On The Street…Fremont, Seattle, WA

A mystery in masonary

A mystery in masonry.

I was attracted to the color and texture of the masonry work in this tastefully turned out building. ¬†(Note the stylish fence and the subtle trim color.) As I was enjoying the pattern of the raised brick I looked up and noticed that in the brick work, under the window, in the gable there was a letter “P” (see next photo)

Note the "P" in the Brick work

Note the “P” in the brick work.

As I was looking around I noticed that a home next door had a similar style of brick work. So, I looked up at the gable of that home. What did I see? There in the brick was the initial “H” (see photo below)

"H" in Brick work

Note the “H” in the brick work above the window.

How wonderful to have these beautiful buildings with the added feature of a “mystery in masonry.” Who were “P” and “H”? Why did they put their initials in brick? Fremont, Seattle, WA, USA