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They Got It Right…Los Angeles, CA

The Getty Center: I’m thinking about light. I love the ways that these structures “play” with the light. The site on top of the hill overlooking Los Angeles is phenomenal and it catches every ray of  glorious southern California sunlight and then, this center “knows” what to do with it! Textures, outlines, shadows, outlooks, they all come together in a visual tour de force. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size, it’s worth it! Los Angeles, CA, USA, Contemporary, 1995

On The Street…Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Interesting Details.

Interesting Details.

This beautiful house has a collection of fantastic details. Note: the eyebrow dormer, the fish scale shingles,(on the front gable) the sunrise pattern in the siding, (at the top of the front gable) the wraparound front porch, the inset bay window, the transom windows over the doors. The details on the bargeboard is a later but attractive and stylistically appropriate addition. I’m sad to see that this house may be scheduled for demolition. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, USA, Victorian, Queen Anne, 1890

On The Street…Pasadena, CA

The Gamble House

Front View of Gamble House, 1908 Greene and Greene

Gamble House

Side View of Gamble House

Latern next to koi pond

Lantern next to koi pond

Detail View of Gamble House

Detail View of Gamble House

Around this time, (after 1905ish)  an interesting thing was happening in Arts and Crafts architecture; the country was developing three strong regional styles. On the east coast the “Shingle”, in the middle of the country “Prairie” and on the west coast “Craftsman”.  Pasadena, CA, USA, The Gamble House, Craftsman, 1910