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On The Street…Farmers Market, Los Angeles, CA

Gilmore GasolineFarmers MarketLos Angeles3rd and Fairfax

“Meet me at 3rd and Fairfax”

Arthur Freemont “AF” Gilmore, a dairy farmer by trade, had moved to Los Angeles from Illinois in 1870 searching for a better place to establish a dairy. In 1903 while drilling a water well for his cows, he accidentally struck oil. Over time the  Gilmore family was able to parlay this serendipity into a vast oil and gas distribution network. (This building is an exact replica installed at this location around the turn of this century.) The Farmers Market, Los Angles, CA, USA.  Art Deco 1935


Venice of America

On The Street…Venice Beach, CA

Venice beach was developed by Abbot Kinney in 1905 as a west coast rival to Coney Island. After Kinney’s death in 1920, Venice lost its major booster and Venice was annexed into Los Angeles five years later.  Los Angeles was unwilling to maintain Kinney’s amusement park vision and Venice’s fortunes fluctuated. In the 1970s, the city built the beach boardwalk which has become the second  most popular tourist destination in southern California after Disneyland.

On a happy note: The Venice Historical Society in founding the Ray Bradbury Adopt-a-Colonnade Restoration Project (named after the author and longtime Venice supporter Ray Bradbury),  is working to preserve and protect the wonderful columns of Venice. Venice Beach, CA, USA, Corinthian 1905