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Thinking About…Italianate vs Italian Villa

Italianate House, Walla Walla


Italian Villa, Walla Walla

Italian Villa

Are you looking at a house and trying to decide if the style is Italianate or Italian Villa?  I understand the dilemma, I have developed this little memory trick to remind myself… if it has a tower to see over the “hill(a)”  it is Italian Villa.  Walla Walla, WA, USA. Italianate 1890, Italian Villa, 1895

Design Details…Belvedere

Belvedere Overlooking Los Angeles Harbor

Belvedere Overlooking Los Angeles Harbor

Belvedere Overlooking Los Angeles Harbor

Side View

“Belvedere” italian for “beautiful view.” I found this house compelling. It stands on a hill overlooking Los Angeles harbor. The closed staircase to the belvedere is an unusual detail. (I wonder who built this feature? Who stood there looking and waiting?)  San Pedro, CA, USA Queen Anne, Victorian, 1890

On The Street…Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Interesting Details.

Interesting Details.

This beautiful house has a collection of fantastic details. Note: the eyebrow dormer, the fish scale shingles,(on the front gable) the sunrise pattern in the siding, (at the top of the front gable) the wraparound front porch, the inset bay window, the transom windows over the doors. The details on the bargeboard is a later but attractive and stylistically appropriate addition. I’m sad to see that this house may be scheduled for demolition. Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA, USA, Victorian, Queen Anne, 1890