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They Got It Right…Courtyard Garden Building

I was on a shoot in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seattle (the Central District), when I happened upon this fantastic courtyard garden building. The building colors were clearly selected to work well with the garden. The garden  is well planned and executed. The fountain and statuary are unique and visually exciting. The plant list is impressive, Southern Magnolias, Boxwood, Italian Cypress, all lend a structure that will be attractive in any season.

Beautiful buildings make happy tenants. One friendly gentleman who lives here is an expert in orchids and he invited me to shoot a specimen that he had put in the garden to catch some sun. Click on the thumbnails to get a closer look at what would be a wonderful place to live. Central District, Seattle, WA, USA, 1920

On The Street…Madison Park, Seattle, WA

Curb Strip Garden

Boxwood Parterre

Curbside Boxwood Parterre

Curbside Boxwood Parterre

Most sidewalks spur you to rush, some ask you to pause, a few invite you to linger. The boxwood parterres in a strong but simple layout is sophisticated. The play of light and shadows is wonderful. The topiaries add height interest. The spring flowers filling the parterres are charming. Special note: the witty boxwood topiary “flower baskets” in the daffodils! Madison Park, Seattle, WA, USA