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On The Street…Walla Walla, WA

Brother Can You Spare a Quoin?

Brother Can You Spare a Quoin?

What’s a Quoin? It’s the square blocks at the corners of the walls. In this example, although they are a decorative interpretation of what was historically a structural element, they lend a feeling of strength and stability. It’s a design device used quite commonly in Italianate houses.  This is an interesting home also because it is unusual to see a more contemporary metal roof on an Italianate house. I feel it lends an attractive fresh  look to the style. Walla Walla, WA, USA, Italianate, 1915

Thinking about…Ranks

Four Rank Contemporary

Four Rank Contemporary

I was shooting around Queen Anne and came across this wonderful home under construction. This house is a four rank structure because the front windows (which are attractively tall and multi-paned!) and the door line up in four neat vertical lines. (the windows on the far right are actually on a bay on the side of the house)  Note: nice integration of salvaged double front doors.

In colonial times glass was expensive, the rank count  of your home was a matter of prestige; the higher the rank the better your standing in society. Most average homes were 3 (a door flanked by two rows of windows.)   Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, USA, Contemporary, 2010

They Got It Right…Los Angeles, CA

The Getty Center: I’m thinking about light. I love the ways that these structures “play” with the light. The site on top of the hill overlooking Los Angeles is phenomenal and it catches every ray of  glorious southern California sunlight and then, this center “knows” what to do with it! Textures, outlines, shadows, outlooks, they all come together in a visual tour de force. Click on the thumbnails to see the full size, it’s worth it! Los Angeles, CA, USA, Contemporary, 1995

On The Street…Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Queen Anne  Contemporary

Queen Anne Contemporary

Even though this house is an unusual style for Queen Anne, the materials, size and they way it sits on the site all help this house feel “right” with its neighbors. In fact, in chatting with the owners, they mentioned that one of their primary goals was to build a contemporary home which was appropriate for the neighborhood. A smart goal, well implemented here.

The piano accordion doors that open on to the main floor patio give a wonderful light indoor/outdoor feel to the first floor.

Note, according to the owners, the yew hedge is a special dwarf variety that will grow to a carefully selected size, just high enough to provide privacy without over growing the site.  Queen Anne, Seattle, WA, USA, Contemporary 2010