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On The Street…Madison Park, Seattle, WA

Garden Gate

Garden Gate

The eclectic blend of Japanese style roof, Craftsman style river rock piers, Art Nouveau style wrought iron and Arts and Crafts lighting all come together here to make a visually stimulating entry to a garden. Madison Park, Seattle, WA, USA, Eclectic 2010

On The Street…Wallingford, Seattle, WA

Attractive Fence/Porch Combination

A Matter of the Batter

There are some subtle and very attractive design ideas being implemented here. The cool grey color story is a smart way to highlight a growing garden and some stylish masonry work .

I particularly appreciate the way that the fence posts coordinate with the piers of the porch railings. It’s a “matter of the batter” (batter is the angle at which something slopes in from the base to the top). Because all the elements have the same batter, it lends a subtle unity to the front garden. Wallingford, Seattle, USA, Craftsman 1920

On The Street…Pasadena, CA

The Gamble House

Front View of Gamble House, 1908 Greene and Greene

Gamble House

Side View of Gamble House

Latern next to koi pond

Lantern next to koi pond

Detail View of Gamble House

Detail View of Gamble House

Around this time, (after 1905ish)  an interesting thing was happening in Arts and Crafts architecture; the country was developing three strong regional styles. On the east coast the “Shingle”, in the middle of the country “Prairie” and on the west coast “Craftsman”.  Pasadena, CA, USA, The Gamble House, Craftsman, 1910