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They Got it Right…First Hill, Seattle , WA

The View from the Sidewalk

The View from The Sidewalk

I was scouting around First Hill for my photos of urns when I spotted this eye-catching arrangement of flowers. As I was photographing, I started chatting with a gentleman who related to me that he and his grandfather are the gardeners. Would I like to take a look? …Behind the gate this is what I saw:

A Wonderful Abundance of Flowers

A Wonderful Abundance of Flowers

A Close Up of Some of the Flowers

A Close-up of Some of the Flowers

These two men have taken what could have been a fairly plain concrete patio and made it into a colorful treat for everyone walking by and especially for tenants of the building. The varieties of plants and flowers are impressive and they are all so well-tended, not a yellow leaf to be seen. This garden is a triumph. First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA

Garden Urn in Tile Entryway

Design Details… Garden Urns

“You say ‘Po Ta Toe’… I say Urn.” I know that some garden purests will contend that many of these examples are actually planters and not urns; technically, they would be correct.  The term “Urn” seems to me to give these wonderful tiny potted gardens more their do. First Hill, Seattle, WA USA

On The Street…First Hill, Seattle, WA

Roman Catholic Archbiship's Residence

Roman Catholic Archbishop’s Residence

Built in 1902 for W.D.Hoflus, the head of a firm that supplied structural steel.  Purchased by the Catholic Church in 1920 for Bishop O’Dea after his home was lost to fire. Note the copper roof, terra-cotta porch and veranda, dormers and Juliet balcony. First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA, Italianate Gothic 1902