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They Got it Right…First Hill, Seattle , WA

The View from the Sidewalk

The View from The Sidewalk

I was scouting around First Hill for my photos of urns when I spotted this eye-catching arrangement of flowers. As I was photographing, I started chatting with a gentleman who related to me that he and his grandfather are the gardeners. Would I like to take a look? …Behind the gate this is what I saw:

A Wonderful Abundance of Flowers

A Wonderful Abundance of Flowers

A Close Up of Some of the Flowers

A Close-up of Some of the Flowers

These two men have taken what could have been a fairly plain concrete patio and made it into a colorful treat for everyone walking by and especially for tenants of the building. The varieties of plants and flowers are impressive and they are all so well-tended, not a yellow leaf to be seen. This garden is a triumph. First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA