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Thinking About…Woodland Park Rose Garden, Seattle, WA

Have you seen the movie Last Year at Marienbad?

The light this time of year at the Woodland Park Rose Garden, made me think of the that strange and visually exciting masterpiece.

On The Street…Madison Park, Seattle, WA

Garden Gate

Garden Gate

The eclectic blend of Japanese style roof, Craftsman style river rock piers, Art Nouveau style wrought iron and Arts and Crafts lighting all come together here to make a visually stimulating entry to a garden. Madison Park, Seattle, WA, USA, Eclectic 2010

They Got It Right…Edison, WA

Splendid garden in Edison Wa

Edison WA garden

Of splendour in the grass

“Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower” …Wordsworth

As I was driving into Edison, this home caught my eye. The owners reported that when the purchased this home (from the granddaughter heiress to the Hoover vacuum fortune) the property had been all cow pasture.

The home and the garden look so well together it would seem as if it was a long-established garden, but that can’t be the case because the owners are rather youthful. Chalk it up to good design and plenty of hard work. The quality of the plantings and the stewardship of this property is truly top-notch.  What a wonderful introduction to Edison! Edison WA, USA