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Snohomish Arbor with Glass Flourish

They Got it Right…Snohomish, WA

Well integrated design, materials and craftsmanship make this remodel and addition to a 1910 home outstanding. In chatting with the owner he said that the home had been a rental when they purchased it three years ago and at that time it showed a  bit of deferred maintenance. He related that his wife would design any projects and he would make them happen. The results show that they make a powerful  team. Click on the thumbnail  photos for the full view. Snohomish, WA, USA

They Got It Right…Edison, WA

Splendid garden in Edison Wa

Edison WA garden

Of splendour in the grass

“Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower” …Wordsworth

As I was driving into Edison, this home caught my eye. The owners reported that when the purchased this home (from the granddaughter heiress to the Hoover vacuum fortune) the property had been all cow pasture.

The home and the garden look so well together it would seem as if it was a long-established garden, but that can’t be the case because the owners are rather youthful. Chalk it up to good design and plenty of hard work. The quality of the plantings and the stewardship of this property is truly top-notch.  What a wonderful introduction to Edison! Edison WA, USA

On The Street…Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Capitol hill garden

Gardening: “a rational act of optimism.”

I enjoy the energy of spring flowers. The subtle grey backdrop of the house, the landscape stone, the texture of the curbside cherry bark and the trimmed pines all augment  a context for enjoying this  gardener’s “rational  act of optimism” Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA USA