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On The Street…Greenwood, Seattle, WA

Greenwood Gothic Garden

Greenwood Gothic Garden

It is rare to see a setting that expresses an individual vision that is so completely and well executed. The unusual  analogous  color scheme with a preponderance of black lightened by the smart accents of burgundy and blue (note the dyed  blue water in the fountain) make this garden a stand out. Note also the effective use of color in the  foundation plantings. Greenwood, Seattle, WA, USA

On The Street…Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA

Attractive arbor

An attractive garden

I like this garden, the arbor is well sited and  strikes an effective balance between rustic and sophisticated. The owner reported that it was custom sized to fit that location. The seed heads and “brown bits” are left over the winter for good bird forage. The crocus sound a delightful note of optimism for the coming spring. Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA USA

Thinking About…Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures

How do you place garden sculptures?

I know this may not look like your backyard (or mine) but as I was looking at it, I was reminded of the importance of placing sculptures in a garden.  That David is not something you would want to rearrange like the furniture in your living room.  What’s the smart thing to do? Make a cardboard cutout the size and shape of any sculpture you are thinking of installing in your garden. Move the cutout around until you are happy with the location. Sarasota, FL, USA

On The Street…Sarasota, FL

Upscale Building Salvage

How is this building salvage?

I’m guessing that building salvage may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this beautiful garden It was not first in my mind either until I went on a tour of this site and the docent mentioned that all the columns were salvaged from other buildings. I felt cheered and empowered by that fact. Notice how the bases are all different heights. Incorporate salvaged material in your home design. Sarasota, FL, USA