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On The Street…Walla Walla, WA

Brother Can You Spare a Quoin?

Brother Can You Spare a Quoin?

What’s a Quoin? It’s the square blocks at the corners of the walls. In this example, although they are a decorative interpretation of what was historically a structural element, they lend a feeling of strength and stability. It’s a design device used quite commonly in Italianate houses.  This is an interesting home also because it is unusual to see a more contemporary metal roof on an Italianate house. I feel it lends an attractive fresh  look to the style. Walla Walla, WA, USA, Italianate, 1915

Thinking About…Italianate vs Italian Villa

Italianate House, Walla Walla


Italian Villa, Walla Walla

Italian Villa

Are you looking at a house and trying to decide if the style is Italianate or Italian Villa?  I understand the dilemma, I have developed this little memory trick to remind myself… if it has a tower to see over the “hill(a)”  it is Italian Villa.  Walla Walla, WA, USA. Italianate 1890, Italian Villa, 1895

On The Street…First Hill, Seattle, WA

Roman Catholic Archbiship's Residence

Roman Catholic Archbishop’s Residence

Built in 1902 for W.D.Hoflus, the head of a firm that supplied structural steel.  Purchased by the Catholic Church in 1920 for Bishop O’Dea after his home was lost to fire. Note the copper roof, terra-cotta porch and veranda, dormers and Juliet balcony. First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA, Italianate Gothic 1902